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Hillary Masters, M.Ed, BCBA
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ABA treatment with an emphasis on the Verbal Behavior treatment model.



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We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn, laugh, grow through experience, and accomplish. Intervention is individualized to embrace these opportunities and foster the strengths and interests of each student. Incidental teaching procedures are emphasized to encourage student development through exploration of the environment and what is intrinsically motivating to the student. Parent training and program generalization through natural environment training are very important to the success of an ABA program. We utilize only evidence-based practices which adhere to the ethical guidelines of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

Hillary Masters, M.Ed, BCBA

Hillary began her work as an ABA provider in Ohio in 2001. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s of Education from Xavier University before completing her BCBA coursework through the University of North Texas. She was supervised by Dr. DJ Moran at the American Psychological Institute in Joliet, IL. Hillary became a BCBA and established Exceptional Learners Behavioral Services when she moved to Denver in 2008. Hillary relocated to Kansas City in January 2014. She continues to provide behavioral consultation that focuses on language acquisition and problem behavior reduction. She regards her work as her priority and is a firm believer that all children deserve the opportunity to learn.