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ABA treatment with an emphasis on the Verbal Behavior treatment model.


Applied Behavior Analysis

Behavioral Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis is the science of applying experimentally derived principles to improve socially significant behavior. ABA takes what we know about behavior and uses it to bring about positive change.  It utilizes the theory that we can modify behavior by altering its antecedents (what happens immediately before a behavior) and consequences (what happens immediately after a behavior).  It includes the identification of functional relationships between behavior and environments and uses direct observation and measurement of behavior and environment.   It is a one-on-one, systematic intervention that relies heavily on data collection, assessments and the student’s individual needs.

Applied behavior analysis is a well-developed discipline among the helping professions, with a mature body of scientific knowledge, established standards for evidence-based practice, distinct methods of service, recognized experience and educational requirements for practice, and identified sources of requisite education in universities. (